East Beaches Fire and Rescue Water Rescue Squad Recognized for Water Life Saving Efforts

(L-R) Dustin Sinclair, Kyle Sinclair, Gary Drall, Lieutenant Governor Janice Filmon, Mark Sinclair, unknown,Mark Sieradzki

(Winnipeg, MB) East Beaches Fire and Rescue was recognized by the Royal Lifesaving Society for their contribution to aquatic rescue services.

“This award acknowledges the numerous water rescues the rescue squad does in the summer and the number of people they have saved from drowning, “said East Beaches Fire Chief Mark Sinclair.

On April 24, 2018, the presentation and a reception was held at the residence of Manitoba’s Lieutenant Governor Janice Filmon. Each year, the Lifesaving Society – Manitoba Branch acknowledges significant acts of bravery that exemplify the spirit of the Lifesaving Society.

East Beaches Fire and Rescue has 21 members and serves the RMs of St. Clements and Alexander, as well as assisting other parts of the St. Clements and neighouring municipalities when needed.