Planning Hearings

Planning hearings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm in the RM of St. Clements Council Chambers, 1043 Kittson Rd., East Selkirk.

A public planning hearing is designed to provide public input prior to elected officials making a decision on planning applications, as outlined in The Planning Act.

Do you have questions about planning hearings? Visit our Planning Hearing FAQ page to learn everything you need to know.

For February 26, 2019 Planning Hearing



Variation Orders

Public Hearing Notice – VO 123, 2018

What is VO 123, 2018 about?

This variance application seeks to allow four (4) accessory buildings from the required two (2), as well as, allow a maximum size of 1600 sq. ft. from the required 1280 sq. ft. for a proposed accessory building in the “AR” Agricultural Restricted Zone.  This variance application is associated with CU 36, 2018.

Conditional Uses

Public Hearing Notice – CU 36-2018

What is CU 36, 2018 about?

This application seeks to allow for a “Bed and Breakfast” use in the “AR” Agricultural Restricted zone for the accommodations of hunters.

Public Hearing Notice – CU 37-2018

What is CU 37, 2018 about?

This application seeks to allow for Kennel use business on the subject properties within “AR” Agricultural Restricted Zone.

Public Hearing Notice CU 1, 2019

What is CU 1, 2019 about?

The purpose of this application is to allow a Home Industry Use (HVAC Business) on the subject property within the “RR” Rural Residential Zone.

Combined Zoning and Subdivision