Online Bill Payments

Property taxes and utility bills can be paid online through your financial institution.

  1. Set up bill payment through one of the financial institutions listed below. Click on a logo below as a shortcut to the financial institutions that we have partnered with to provide this online payment service.
  2. To set up a bill payment, access your existing online bill payment system through your financial institution’s website
  3. Add the R.M. of St. Clements as a Payee. Find your financial institution below to find the name used by yours.
  4. For property taxes, add your roll number (without the decimal) as the account number. It must have 6-9 digits. If there is extra space add zeros to the end  (eg. If your roll number is 38570 – you would enter 38570000).
  5. For utility bills, add your utility number as the account number