Development Plans

What is the Planning District Development Plan?

The Development Plan provides a framework for development policies and decisions. The Development plan is designed to achieve stated objectives for development and promote the optimum economic, social, environmental and physical condition of the area. Under The Planning Act, residents and councils of member municipalities are entitled to contribute to the advice and consultation process in the drafting of the Development Plan and are also entitled to inspect proposed Development Plan by-laws and attachments.

A development plan must:
set out the plans and policies of the planning district or municipality respecting its purposes and its physical, social, environmental and economic objectives;
through maps and statements of objectives, direct sustainable land use and development in the planning district or municipality;
set out measures for implementing the plan; and
include such other matters as the minister or the board or council considers advisable.
The Planning District Development Plan is the basis for the Municipal Secondary Plans and Zoning By-Laws.

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For further information regarding the Development Plan contact Red River Planning District 806-A Manitoba Ave (Selkirk)
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What is a Secondary Plan?

Secondary Plans give further detail to the Development Plan. Typically Secondary Plans are made for community centres. The Planning Act provides an outline for Secondary Plans, as follows:

With Regard to the adoption of secondary plans, a board or council may, by by-law, adopt a secondary plan to deal with objectives and issues within its scope of authority in a part of the planning district or municipality, including, without limitation, any matter

  • dealt with in the development plan by-law;
  • dealing with subdivision, design, road patterns, building standards or other land use and development matters; or
  • respecting economic development or the enhancement or special protection of heritage resources or sensitive lands.

Introduction to the Secondary Plan

The community Secondary Plans are prepared under Section 63 of the Manitoba Planning Act. The process is guided by the objectives and policies of the District Development Plan and sets forth a strategy to revitalize communities. The Red River Planning District Development Plan designates 4 key communities as District Settlement Centres to which the Planning District will be directing growth. The Secondary Plan will provide policy guidelines to direct the integration of land use, transportation and municipal services with the social, economic and environmental goals of the community. The Secondary Plan has a 20 year horizon and incorporates formal policy reviews scheduled within five years of adoption.

The Secondary Plan reflects the community’s vision to develop a complete interconnected community that is a pleasing place to make one’s home, to visit, to shop, to work and play.
The Secondary Plan will provide direction that will make clear the intended future use of land and how the public sector agencies may plan cooperatively with one another, with the community at large ad with the private sector to achieve the Secondary Plan’s goals. This plan will provide detailed policies to manage development within the Settlement Centre in accordance with the guiding policies of the Red River Planning District Development Plan.

Implementation of the Secondary Plan

The Secondary Plan sets out the general growth direction for the Community. It also will provide principles to guide improvements and strategies to guide decision making and implementation of infrastructure issues within the Settlement area.

Making this Plan a reality will require community residents and organizations, businesses, Municipal and senior levels of government to get involved and forge partnerships to move projects forward.

Community Vision

It is anticipated that the Capital Region will continue to see strong population growth, due to the relative strength of the provincial economy and the Region’s position as Manitoba’s main economic engine. In 2010 the Conference Board of Canada projected growth within the Capital Region to increase by approximately 220,000 over the next 20 years. More recently Manitoba’s Statistician projected the Capital Region rate of growth is now expected to double the Conference Board’s estimate based upon strong in-migration population flows to the Province which have been substantially influenced by Manitoba’s successful immigrant settlement initiatives. The Planning District anticipates by 2021 it will grow by over 26,400 people representing 12% of the region’s projected growth.

Communities which will be the most successful in attracting growth will be those who manage development in a sustainable manner; that offer neighbourhoods with the best value and quality of life; and are the most responsive to the needs of their citizens.

The Red River Planning District Plan responds to the region’s growth by directing new development to the District’s principal growth centres of Selkirk and to designated Settlement Centres within the Municipalities of St. Andrews, St. Clements, West St. Paul, East St. Paul, City of Selkirk and the Village of Dunnottar. Lockport, East Selkirk, Libau and Grand Marais are identified as a principal Settlement Centres within the RM of St. Clements.

Sustainable Development

The Secondary Plan encourages cooperation among land owners, mixed use development, high quality urban design, and implementation partnerships with other levels of governments and making sound choices in the pursuit of sustainable development.

The Plan provides a clear vision for communities. The vision is based upon principles of integrative planning that links the community’s socio-economic, environmental and physical attributes with policies providing direction for land use, transportation, infrastructure, natural areas, heritage resources and urban design to enhance our communities high quality of life for residents and create an unique community experience for visitors.

The Plan will guide development decisions within the community and presents a framework, which may be used by all levels of government to understand the role and position of each community within the Red River Planning District and the broader Capital Region and to inform regional land use, infrastructure and transportation decisions. It is intended that the objectives and strategies laid out in the Plan will also be a tool for proactively addressing community needs that may arise as the community continues to grow.

Through the secondary Plan process, Community Development goals will be established which will lay the foundation for Community Development Guidelines. From there, the creation of policies will occur. These policies can include everything from Environmental Conservation Policies to Transportation policies. Green space policies, neighbourhood street policies, pedestrian and cycling polices, building and subdividing policies and so much more.


The Secondary Plan will provide the template and guide managed growth and change within the Settlement Centres. It will provide direction to the community, municipality and other levels of government in their day to day decision making.

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Lockport Secondary Plan

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East Selkirk Secondary Plan

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Grand Marais Secondary Plan

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Southend Secondary Plan

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