2018 Spring Road Restrictions: New Date

New date: 2018 Spring Weight Restrictions started for the following municipal roads within St. Clements on Tuesday, March 20, 2018, unless otherwise notified. They were lifted on Tuesday, May 22, 2018.

Loading will be restricted to 65% of Normal Axle Loads on the following roads:

  • Roman Drive
  • Leah Avenue
  • Dunning East
  • Spruce Drive
  • Frank Street
  • Kirkness Road
  • Parkview Avenue
  • Wachal Drive
  • Miller Creek Road
  • Old River Road
  • Strathcona Road
  • Rockhaven Road
    Debra Avenue
  • Danko Drive
  • Nanton Road
  • Ferry Road
  • Readgan Drive
  • Nicholas Street
  • Shalom Path
  • Church Road
  • Harold Avenue
  • George Street S
  • Boardwalk Avenue
  • Marvin Garden Road
  • Bridgeview Drive
  • Park Place
  • Quarry Road

And on the noted portions of these roads:

  • Donald Road – from Henderson to Rebeck
  • Dunning – from Henderson to PR 202
  • McKay – from Henderson to the tracks
  • Rebeck Road – from Coronation to PR 202
  • Church Road South – from Henderson to the tracks
  • Hay Road – from Gunn’s Creek to PR 204
  • Old Henderson – from Colville Rd to Cooks Creek
  • Coronation Road – from Ross Farm to Lorne Hill Road

The Rural Municipality of St Clements follows the provincial department of Manitoba Transportation and Government Services road restrictions and dates. These dates can change at any time.

The purpose of Spring Road Restrictions is to protect roadways from damage during spring thaw conditions. Council requests the co-operation of its citizens and the commercial industry. For further information regarding Spring Weight Restrictions on municipal roads, please contact the RM of St. Clements at 204-482-3300 or our website

Any provincial truck highways, or provincial roadways, are restricted by the provincial department of Manitoba Transportation and Government Services. Their restrictions are posted as beginning March 20, 2018. Please contact them directly with any provincial road inquiries through the Road Information Line. Information will be available through verbal description of road restrictions at 1-204-945-3704, or 1-877-MBRoads (1-877-627-6237). Provincial restrictions can also be obtained online at http://www.gov.mb.ca/mit/srr/.