Roadworks 2018

The RM of St. Clements has 900 km of roads. Most of the roads are gravel.  Gravel roads require constant maintenance and are unfavourably affected by wet weather conditions. Gravel, grading and dust control make up a large part of our budget. Significant resources are dedicated to maintaining, repairing and upgrading the road system.

In 2017, roadwork was done on McKay Road from Henderson to the railway tracks, the hard surface area on Marven Gardens was completed, and Ferry Road from Colville to the north end of the developed area was resurfaced as well as the usual gravel road maintenance.

In 2018, we are tentatively planning on constructing the following roadworks:  Rebeck Road south from Donald Road to 400 meters north of Dunning Road, Roman Drive, Leah Avenue, Parkview Avenue, and Strathcona Road.  In addition, we are planning the engineering for future works of Donald Road from Henderson Highway to the track, Dunning Road from Henderson Highway to the tracks, and Church Road South, from Henderson Highway to the railway tracks as well as the usual gravel road maintenance.

Hard surface roads require less maintenance but are very costly to construct. This is the reason that these projects are usually done over a two-year period. Engineering and base preparation is done in the first year and the actual hard surface is applied in the second year. To better manage hard surface roads we reviewed all hard surface roads in the RM and created the 2016 Hard Surface Road Assessment and Ten Year Capital Plan which we use as a guide.