August 31, 2016 | Council Priority

The Henderson Highway sewer system is a high priority for Council, as outlined in the Rural Municipality of St. Clements 2015-2018 Strategic Plan. Since the election in October 2014 efforts to provide wastewater service to the southwestern portion of the RM have moved forward. As of March 2016, 66 homes are now, or will soon, be hooked into the Lockport Wastewater Treatment Plant.

In 2015, the municipality applied to the Water Services Board (WSB), a provincial agency that assists municipalities with the development of sustainable water and wastewater works, to fund 50% of the expected $10 million cost of Lockport Wastewater treatment plant expansion. After reviewing our application, the WSB suggested that instead of expanding the Lockport Wastewater Treatment Plant we explore the option of partnering with the RM of St. Andrews in their project to hookup to the Winnipeg sewer system. This partnership could save the RM millions of dollars and speed up the time for all users in the Henderson service area to hookup to the system.

The RM hired Stantec Consulting in the spring of 2016 to study the feasibility of partnering with the RM of St. Andrews. Stantec’s report is expected in the fall of 2016. Once council receives this report it can renew its application for funding. The RM’s goal is that all residents in the Henderson sewer system area be hooked up by 2020.